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      1. Zero Lab

        1: Independent lab building.

        2: Material engineers.

        3: All series detecting instruments.

        4: Experiment MIM line.

        5: All series 3D printer.

        6: Well-known experts from the United States, Japan and Germany.



        1: MIM, CIM, PM, WC, HT, 3D printing indusrty.
        2: Research on debinding, sintering and heat treatment.
        3: Research on new materials.
        4: Sintering analysis.



        1: Scanning electron microscope(SEM/EDS).
        2: C、S、O、N analysis.
        3: Automatic metallographic preparation and analysis.
        4: Material character test.
        5: Automatic dimension measure instrument.
        6: Atmosphere component analysis(online).



        1: Research on sintering.
        2: Research on debinding and sintering of titanium, aluminum and tungsten.
        3: Research on ceramic setter affect the sintering.
        4: HIP/S-HIP basic research.
        5: Basic research on cermet (cutting tool



        1: Establish a world-leading sintering lab.
        2: Support customers in the research and development of new materials and products.
        3: Support customers in analyzing and solving problems.
        4: Promote the new technology.

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