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        Pressure sintering furnace

        The pressure sintering furnace with 10-100bar pressure, Which is used for thermal debinding and pressure sintering of cemented carbide products.

        There are more than 1000pcs Hiper vacuum furnace running in the market,we truly understand customers' requirements .We belive innovation will shape the future and create the most value for customers.

        Suitable materials:

        Tungsten carbide, titanium carbide, tantalum carbide, etc.

        Product advantages


        Our strengths


        Fast service


        With more than 10 years of after-sales service experience, we can find and solve problems in a short time, and delivery parts quickly.


        Tailor made


        Hiper can customize professional sintering furnaces according to your requirements.


        Precise control


        World leading temperature control ,gas flow control and vacuum control system  


        Full Series


        Hiper can supply full series MIM debinding and sintering furnace, graphite hot zone,moly hot zone ,walking beam continuous furnace,etc.

        Product specifications


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