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      1. ?TCT ASIA 2020

        The Asia 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing Exhibition, which carries the brand history of TCT in the UK, entered China in March 2015 and is committed to building an industry-leading exhibition of additive manufacturing and 3D printing products and technologies; at the same time, in cooperation with the TCT Asia Summit, introducing 3D printing The latest application results of technology cover aerospace, automotive and rapid prototyping, medical and dental, cultural and creative fields.


        This exhibition is also the first time that Hiper participated in the exhibition after the epidemic has recovered. Hiper brought Exone's first Innovent + metal binder jet printer and BJ-200GR vacuum debinding and sintering furnace for 3D printing in China. This is also the first appearance of EXONE metal machine at a domestic exhibition. Binder jet technology has become synonymous with future manufacturing. Its high printing efficiency, no support, and cheap powder are replacing laser printing technology step by step. It is also the commanding height of metal 3D printing. Exone is one of the most advanced binder jet printers you can buy on the market.


        In order to study the 3D printing sintering technology, Hiper specially purchased an Innovent+ binder jet printer, which is also the first Innovent+ in China. This printer can use our metal injection molding (MIM) powder particle size, combined with the BJ-200GR vacuum debinding and sintering furnace for sintering, the surface quality of the product is better than laser printing.

        BJ-200GR applies semiconductor technology to the vacuum sintering furnace for the first time, reducing the volume of the vacuum furnace to the laboratory level. And equipped with bottom corner rollers, you can move freely and conveniently. Hiper also uses a magnetic door lock structure, which can open and close the door with one button. Compared with the previous handwheel operation, it is much more convenient.

        Although the size of BJ-200GR has been reduced so much, the configuration is still powerful. Mitsubishi's touch screen, process input with pressure and flow, and can automatically check the process and one-key automatic operation, and Leybold vacuum gauge, the United States thermocouples, Danfoss pressure gauges and Japanese Azbil mass flow meters. Of course, the processes on conventional industrial MIM furnaces such as negative pressure debinding, vacuum sintering, and pressure sintering are exactly the same. Companies that are familiar with the operation of Hiper furnaces can operate seamlessly, and those who are not familiar with the operation can learn it at a glance, which is more suitable for schools and laboratories.

        Innovation shapes the future! Welcome to come for technical exchanges!



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