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      1. Who is Hiper?

        Ningbo Hiper Vacuum Technology Co.,Ltd is the main manufacturer of sintering furnace in China,which has a reliable R&D team with rich experience to meet customer's requirements and create value for customers.

        We are the MIM debinding and sintering furnace leadership in the world ,walking beam continuous debinding and sintering furnaces are deliveried in mass.

        Hiper also supply furnaces for cemented carbide, heat treatment, non-oxidized ceramics, additive manufacturing (AM), crystal growth, semiconductor, laboratory and other industries.

        Concept of Value

        Company Vision

        Create the most value for customers, Keep and improve leading technology.

        Company Value

        Honest,Integrity; Respect individual; Innovation on the base of technology.



        Hiper insists on investing more than 10% of
        sales revenue into research every year


        In 2020, more than 70% of Hiper
        employees are engineers


        Hiper's R&D cost in 2019 is
        25.7 million RMB


        More than 60%
        products in the MIM industry are tested by Zero Lab


        89 patents at end of 2019


        More than 80% are invention and utility
        model patents

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